Diamond Diners

Diamond Diners

In partnership with the Western Health & Social Care Trust, the Diamond Centre operates a lunch club 3 days a week for older people living in Claudy and the surrounding rural areas. Transport is provided and our Diamond Diners enjoy good food and company Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There’s also a wide range of activities such as dance, bowling, IT, craft, art, gardening bingo….. the list goes on and changes regularly.

Christmas shopping trip and lunch in Ballymena Wednesday 11th December.

Christmas Dinner and Ceili Wednesday 18th December.

Meals on Wheels

On the 2 days that the lunch club does not operate, the Diamond Centre prepare and deliver the Meals on Wheels service to the rural area under the guidance of the Western Health & Social Care Trust – currently Tuesdays and Thursdays.