Women’s Fund Individual Bursaries

The Women’s Fund for Northern Ireland’s Individual Bursaries have been set up to fill a gap in funding opportunities for individual women who require a small amount of financial aid to support them towards fulfilling their potential.

If you want to find out more details, contact Julie at the Diamond Centre on 71 338005 or email julie.diamondcentre@gmail.com

In 2014, the Fund will offer small grants (normally up to a maximum of £500) for individual women aged 18 and over, living in Northern Ireland, who are striving to get back into employment. Applicants must be affiliated to a constituted community/women’s group and have the support of that organisation. While not exclusive, the Fund welcomes applications for Bursaries that address the following:

 Personal development & confidence building
 Overcoming barriers to employment or training
 Making the first steps towards re-entering the workplace

Priority will be given to applicants living in deprived / disadvantaged areas

What you can apply for

 Basic training support materials – books for example
 Interview training
 Mentoring
 Interview clothes (where need can be clearly demonstrated)
 Travel costs to access relevant training (public transport for up to six months)
 Childcare during employability training (up to six months)
 Access course

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